9mm Tungsten Carbide for e-scooter & bike Tires Snow/Ice Studs

9mm 100% Tungsten Carbide, excellent wear resistance

e-scooter & MTB bike Snow/Ice Studs

  • Total length: 9mm
  • Penetration in tire: 6-8mm 

Pin diameter

  • Easy to install and remove-less than 1 hour with simple hand tools
  • Economic-add ultimate off-road capability to your tires
  • Low ground pressure -environmentally with minimum impact
  • screw tire studs can used for, e-scooters,MTB, motorcycles, shoes

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Be on the spot whereas the snow or the ice are all over. Applying these small Tungsten Carbide Anti-slip Studs for scooters and bikes.

Useable with: Much Snow, Little Snow, Without Snow

Pure raw Tungsten Carbide for Excellent wear resistance

  • Easy to install with simple hand tools
  • Economic-add ultimate off-road capability to your own tires
  • Low ground pressure -environmentally with minimum impact
  • Zinc plated for rust protection



1) If the stud is tightened too much by mistake leave it in place and not unscrew it to get the correct position

2) Check the studs every 1000 km / 500 miles and if necessary retighten them

3) Do not continue to tighten after the head of the stud touches the surface of the tire / shoe otherwise the screwed portion of the stud will rip out the rubber seat of the nail. The nail will be then not work properly, will bend and tend to come free

4) Do not fit snow chains id the studs protrude more than 3mm from the tire


  • Recommended number of studs per type of tire

    • 10*3-255*80:  50-70 studs.
    • 90/65-6.5 – 100/65-6.5 60-80 studs.
    • Standard bike: 70-120 studs per tire.
    • Mountain bike: 120-240 studs per tire.
    • Fatbikes: 120-300 studs per tire.

    Keep in mind that air pressure always plays a big role in the grip. Just lower the air pressure slightly to get a better grip. Read the side of the tire to see the max/min alowed pressure.

To choose the correct stud two factors have to be considered:

We recommend using hybrid or off-road tires as they got most thickness, but any tyre of sufficient tread can be utilized.

Thin wall tires, anti puncture liquids 

If your tires are thin walled and you’re  forced to use studs longer than those that the tire can hold and you’re going to risk puncturing the tyre is recommended to use the anti-puncture liquid. This comes in different types and brands. We suggest those that are based on a water soluble gel that can be washed away with water and that does not unbalance the wheels nor damage the tyre or the rim.



JX4x4-H12 500pcsTungsten carbide tire snow ice studs / professional car tire studs




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