Motor: Max 4,648W BLDC
Controllers: 35Ax2
Restricted speed: 25 km/h
Max Speed: max 70 km/h
Range: 100km/126km eco mode
Climb Ability 30° 58%
Battery: 60 volt – 35 Ah – LG M21700 cells
Charging time: 20h Fast charger 4h
Weight: 40.2 Kg
Max Load: 150 Kg
Suspensions: Front/Rear Rubber Suspension. Replacable Rear Cartridge (5 types)
Braking: Front/Rear ZOOM Disk brakes with ABS standard and 140mm disks
Wheels: 10 x 2.25 inner tube
Dimension Unfolded: 1250 x 615 x 1240 mm (L x W x H)
Dimensions Folded 1250 x 275 x 560 (L x W)

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Dualtron Achilleus: New queen of 11″ scooters

We have the honor to present you a new model of the Dualtron range. The Dualtron Achilleus completes a range of sports electric scooters and is positioned as a replacement for the 1st generation Dualtron Thunder. This electric scooter with unique characteristics is modern, reliable and efficient.

You will first notice the design of this Dualtron Achilleus 60V 35Ah . It is borrowed from the Dualtron Thunder 2 in order to stay in the spirit of the brand. Sober and elegant, the Achilleus stands out for its equipment. You will find in particular full hydraulic brakes , a footrest integrated into the deck and an improved suspension.

Impressive features:

In addition to its design and its equipment, the Achilleus offers exceptional capacities. You will love its 4648W power developed by its two motors. Needless to say, you won’t have any problem overcoming climbs or traveling off the beaten track with this Dualtron Achilleus. Fitted with 11″ tires like the Thunder, it offers impeccable handling on all terrains.

That’s not all, we have chosen to equip it with the same LG 60V 35Ah batterythan the Thunder. Thus, this high quality battery will continue to prove itself with the Achilleus. However, it will offer slightly longer autonomy than the Dualtron Thunder. Indeed, this Dualtron Achilleus is equipped with a 35A controller, which consumes less energy.

Dualtron Achilleus vs. Dualtron Thunder:

As you will have understood, the Dualtron Achilleus replaces the first generation of Dualtron Thunder. We wanted to keep a 60V electric scooter in our range in order to meet the needs of as many people as possible. In terms of design, you will notice that the two models are really different. The Dualtron Achilleus is more modern, benefits from the new LED signature but also from the footrest integrated into the deck.

In terms of features, the two models are very similar. We have however integrated a 35A controllerin this Achilleus in order to obtain a slightly improved autonomy. The motor magnet size has also been reduced to 50mm (60 for the Thunder). The other difference will be made in the size of the scooter since the Achilleus is thinner and lighter . She loses almost 3 kg on the scale.


Weight 46,9 kg
Dimensions 127 × 62,5 × 37 cm



Dualtron is the international brand of electrically powered off road mobility products that Minimotors produces. All wheel drive electric mobility Dualtron Product Introduction The Dualtron off road eScooter is a flagship model of Minimotors Co., Ltd. launched on February 2016. It was manufactured in a Minimotors China factory with technology and design from Korea. With the distinguishing feature of being the world’s first all wheel drive eScooter; with two BLDC HUB motors, two controllers, dual suspension for off road driving comfort, two disk brakes to provide stable and smooth braking, LED headlights and taillights and selection to operation in Single or Dual motor mode, the Dualtron quickly won over the market for being the most progressive eScooter. Product Development Product development started from Spring 2014 with a series of late night brain storming and strategic meetings with a target in mind to develop the world's 1st all wheel drive off road scooter. Shortly after, a task force was created to select the materials that would be strong and light enough to construct the components for the eScooter. In the process, we compared and tested many different kinds of materials in order to arrive at the best ones. To ensure maximum stability and driving comfort in the most extreme riding conditions. All our prototypes were tested continuously with a checklist that included 5 criteria: Performance, Driving comfort, Safety, Durability, and Performance Scalability using different modules of motors or batteries. Development for the first generation Dualtron lasted 1 year and 6 months. The work doesn’t stop there, however; we are continuously pushing the boundaries and working to innovate and improve on range of odd road mobility products. [Launch of the Dualtron and Market Response] At the end of September 2015, the 1st Dualtron all wheel drive off road scooters were launched with 2 models (MX, EX) carrying different Li-Ion battery capacity. At that time, the maximum speed of prevalent electric scooters were 40km/h with a max distance range of up to 50km. Dualtron quickly overtook the competition to become the most popular electric scooter of Korea with its ground breaking all terrain capability long distance coverage of 100km, Maximum speed of 50km/h, beautiful design and its selectable Single/Dual motor operation modes. Since its launch in 2015, Dualtron has received overwhelming endorsements from many countries, and formed distributor partnerships in countries such as France, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, Austria to serve the electric scooter community of the world. The history of the Minimotors is the history of the world personal mobility. Minimotors is exporting our full range of off road mobility products all over the world under the ‘Dualtron’ brand which is developed and designed in Korea. 2017 Dualtron Ultra off road scooter is launched Speedway Nano is launched Speedway Mini4 is launched Speedway4 is launched Establish manufacturing factory in Korea (Plan) Expanded service network in Korea(32 branches) 2016 Dualtron II(2017 type) off road scooter is launched DoubleTen 1000i is launched Jeontadae is launched Electric off road wheelman Dualtron Man is launched Made an exclusive distribution contract of Backfire Kaabo air is launched Fastwheel BringMe is launched Eva Super New 340 electric wheel is launched Speedway Mini3 is launched Made an export contract for ‘Dualtron’ with the Americas and Europe Kleefer e-Pure is launched Speedway3 is launched Expanded service network in Korea(21 branches) 2015 The world first dual motor all wheel drive, all terrain e-scooter ‘Dualtron’ is launched ‘Kleefer Pure 180’ is launched Made an export contract for ‘Dualtron’ with Australia and Singapore Minimotors achieved 10,000 units sales a year Minimotors cafe achieved the No.1 members in Naver cafe 2014 ‘Speedway’ is launched in Korea Manufacturing factory is established in China (Taizhou) Chinese branch is established (Guangzhou) Made a contract of Korean exclusive distributor for Chinese brand ‘Uberscoot' Made a contract of Korean exclusive distributor for French brand ‘Kleefer’ ‘DTV Shredder’ is launched in Korea Service network is built(18 branched) 2013 Made in Korea E-scooter ‘Fireball2’ is launched Official Naver cafe ‘Minimotors club’ is opened 2012 Taiwanese brand ‘Patgear’ is launched in Korea 2011 Made in Korea E-scooter ‘Fireball’ is launched Made a contract of Korean exclusive distributor for French brand Shark helmet 2010 Minimotors is changed to a corporation / Headquarter office is moved to Ilsan, Gyounggi-do Made a contract of Korean exclusive distributor for Japanese brand ‘Fukiplanning’ Made a contract of Korean exclusive distributor for Germany brand ‘Puma moto’ 2009 Minimotors Chinese office is established Electric ATV ‘Quad’ is launched 2006 Made a contract of Korean exclusive distributor for USA brand ‘Goped’ Electric scooter for senior 'Silverwing' is launched 2000 Minimotors achieved the No.1 selling of motor board in Korean domestic market 1999 Minimotors is established in Busan


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