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NANROBOT was founded  2014 with a vision of building high quality,  convenient and affordable electric scooters.

From day 1, our ultimate goal is to only produce amazing products  & offer superior customer support.

On top of that, Nanrobot electric scooters undergo strict quality testing to ensure  that our riders receive products of top quality.Whether you need a faster form of transportation to get to work,  or you simply want to cruise around your city, Nanrobot scooters  are the perfect solution – not to mention environmentally friendly! Our scooters will let you enter a whole new world of modern transportation.

Since 2014, the company has grown in many ways, better products, more customers.
They created a brand that is focused on innovation, attention to detail & creativity.

eBikescooter offer 2 years EU warranty for NANROBOT

5 out of 5
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