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KUGOO was founded in the year 2015

KUGOO is growing fast with its efforts and the trust of customers. To make a good market segmentation and serve customers well, and make better products, KUGOO also created KIRIN, which is developed in parallel with the KUGOO for a different market.

KUGOO is now one of the leading e-scooter manufacturers in the world with a wide distributing channel across Europe including countries like Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, and more.

Aftersales team based in Europe allows users to utilize all the warranty services locally. The dedicated customer support can be reached via phone call or email for your convenience.

Kirin focuses on making smart e-scooter series, and some smart products will gradually be stripped from KUGOO as the cornerstone of KIRIN’s initial market exploration.

Kugoo’s product line comprises teenager-friendly e-scooters as well as models that fulfill the urges of hardcore e-scooter riders. KUGOO’S highly experienced team of engineers is constantly developing new technologies to improve the riding experience by implementing unique features.

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