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Display for Mercane MX60 Kickscooter

Original Mercane part

Standard Display for Mercane MX60


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This instruction can be followed to program the controller from the display unit P-settings

To get access the p- settings press and hold the power and mode buttons for 2 seconds, and when prompted, enter the code ‘6666’ followed the power button for another 2 seconds.

You now seen the settings mode for the Mercane MX 60 Controller.

P01 controls the brightness of the color display, option 3 being the brightest and option 1 being the dimmest.

You now use the power button to navigate, next setting is P02, here you can switch  between Km/Miles.

Option 0 is KM, option 1 is Miles.

P03 DO NOT CHANGE!  controls the voltage of the system

P04 this is the inactive shutdown timer, this controls how many minutes of inactivity causes the scooter to turn off, the factory default is 10 minutes

P05 this is the kick and go sensitivity

P06 this is the wheel size in inches for the scooter

P07 DO NOT CHANGE! this is the stimulation polarising setting

P08 this controls the speed limit

P09 this turns the kick and go function on or off. Option 1 turns it on (you will have to kick the scooter to 5 km/h before the throttle will take action. Option 2 disables the kick and go function 

P10 DO NOT CHANGE! is the operation mode setting

P11 DO NOT CHANGE! is the PAS sensitivity setting

P12 DO NOT CHANGE! is the PAS start setting

P13 is the brake disc size, only change this if you upgrade to aftermarket brakes.

P14 DO NOT CHANGE! is the controller setting

P15 controls the under voltage protection, This protecting your battery pack for over discharge

P16 controls the odometer.

P17 this toggles cruise control. Option 0 is cruise control OFF, option 1 is cruise control ON.

P18 is another speed limiter setting

P19 is a gear setting

P20 DO NOT CHANGE! this is a communication protocol setting.

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Multicolored Screen Display



Model Number

MX60 Multicolored Screen Display

Original Standard Display Parts

For Mercane MX 60 Scooter

Multicolored Screen Display Accessories

For Mercane MX60 Skateboard

Suitable for MX60

MX 60 Display

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Mercane is expert R & D and manufacturing company in various type of personal mobility which moves by electric power. They start out with the E-wagon and three wheel Transboard 2015 May: Mercane Co., LTD established. November: personal mobility mercanewheels Transboard project started 2017-2019 Bestseller on Mercane WideWheel in now two upgrade models. 2019: November MercaneWidewheel 2020 model with upgrade battery and dual brake line
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