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Ninebot Go-kart Kit for Ninebot S And Ninebot Mini Pro

Ninebot Gokart Kit Model: N4MZ98  for Ninebot S and the Ninebot Mini Pro.

If you not got your Board already, you can add that to your order, and you are ready for fun.

The Ninebot Board you can select from is below models:

  • Ninebot mini PRO

 You can select the speed mode by the app: 8 km/h 18 km/h 24 km/h

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Ninebot Go-kart Kit Model: N4MZ98

Here you can shop the Ninebot Go-kart Kart Kit Match for Ninebot Nr.9 And Ninebot Mini Pro.

If you not got your Board already, you can add that to your order, and you are ready for fun.

The Ninebot Board you can select from is below models:

  • Ninebot mini Model: N3M240

  • Ninebot mini PRO Model: N3M300 ( this is the one we include if select full package)

 You can select the speed mode by the app: 8km/h 18km/h 24km/h

The Go-kart and MiniPro can be connected to your smartphone via the Segway Ninebots app. From here you can see everything from status and vehicle diagnostics to speed and settings. You can choose from three driving modes depending on how much experience you have. That is: starts at 8 km / h, standard 18 km / h and sports 24 km / h.

The MiniPro itself does not fill a lot and the go-kart can be folded up quickly so it can be transported in a standard trunk. The kit is perfect for those who want to try the best of both worlds. You can use both the MiniPro to whip around and when it is going to be really fun you can switch on the go-cart and you are ready to race.

The cool new fun way of transport from Segway-Ninebot you will undoubtedly bring joy to both young and old. It’s made for operation, like the first go-kart ever. Go karting two pedals, a speeder and a foot brake. In addition to acting as a brake, the foot brake can be pressed twice and put the go-kart in reverse. In addition, there is also a mechanical handbrake that can both stop the vehicle but also allow you to operate. The maximum speed is 24 km / h and has an expected range of up to 15 km.

The go-kart frame itself is adjustable so it can be adjusted to the driver’s height between 130-190 cm. Note that the maximum load is 100 kg. It is designed for both adults and children (14+) so you can have some nice moments with a lot of racing


More in detail:

  • Recommended Age : 12 Years & Up
  • Tire Type: airless hollow tire
  • IP Waterproof Rating: ipx4
  • Front Compartment Battery Model: No. 5 dry battery
  • Tire Front Tire: tire width 80mm, flat ratio 60%, wheel load diameter 5in (127mm)
  • Adaptation balance car name and model:
  • Suitable for the adult and teenagers play in the wide road, grassland, slope, etc
  • Xiaomi Ninebot Mini  balance car Ninebot mini Model: N3M240
  • Ninebot mini PRO Model: N3M300
  • Load: ≤100kg
  • Frame Net Weight: about 27.8kg
  • Applicable Height: 130-190cm
  • Speed Limit: 24 km / hour
  • Novice Speed Limit:  8 km/hour
  • Reverse Speed: 3 km / hour
  • long Range Battery: 15 km
  • Height to top: 40 mm
  • Climbing Angle: ≤15°
  • The 1800W motor provides the max 24km/h speed and max 15 degree gradient
  • 6 x AA battery ( not included )
  • for 15km mileage
  • 5 inch rubber vacuum tire for different grounds
  • Aluminum alloy frame and plastic shell for max 100 kg payload
  • Status Indicator: There are three colors:

When led’s color is blue, it indicates that the vehicle status is normal: when the vehicle is yellow, the vehicle needs to live or the cabin                                                                                          battery needs to be change or  replaced. If it is red, it indicates that the vehicle has performance failure. You need to open the APP to view it.

Weight 90 kg
Power Supply

Lithium Battery




351 – 500w

Wheel Size




Frame Material

Aluminum Alloy

Range per Power

10 – 30 km


Multifunctional Type

Rated Passenger Capacity

One Seat



Model Number

Ninebot Segway




There Wheels

Max Speed

15~20 km/h



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