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Opened Mini Motors Southeastern Distributor Seoul Gangdong Branch in November 2015

Launched interlocking ABS brake for electric kickboards in February 2016

Launched DUALTRON handle height extension bracket in July 2016

Started development of DAMPER for electric kickboards in August 2016

Participated in 2016 Las Vegas, USA Interbike Expo with electric kickboard dual Tron interlocking ABS brake in September 2016

Opened Mini Motors Gangnam Seocho Branch in February 2017

Single hydraulic ABS brake development in February 2017

First 6P caliper + interlocked hydraulic ABS brake set released on electric kickboard in April 2017

Opened Mini Motors Ansan, Gyeonggi-do branch in August 2017

2017 UK SEVEN iDP Full-Face Helmet and Urban Helmet exclusively distribution in August 2017

Completed reworking of hydraulic damper EREXX DAMPER sample for electric kickboard in January 2018

Patent application for Electric Kickboard Damper by Korea Intellectual Property Office in February 2018


Launched Interlinked hydraulic ABS brake for dual-tron Thunder in June 2018.

EREXX Power Bank PL has Insurance and launched LG Genuine Battery Cell in August 2018

2018 UK Seven iDP Full Face Helmet andUrban Helmet warehousing in June 2018

Opened Mini Motors Incheon BupyeongBranch in December 2018

Launched EREXX Handle Riser in February 2019

2019 UK SEVEN iDP Full Face Helmet and Urban Helmet warehousing in May 2019

Registered Design of footrests for electric kickboards by the Korea Intellectual Property Office in June 2019

Launched EREXX DAMPER exclusively for currus in June 2019

Launched DUALTRON X-only linked hydraulic ABS brake in June 2019

Launched NEW EREXX DAMPER in September 2019

Launched EREXX enhanced locking system exclusively for DUALTRON in September 2019

Launched DUALTRON X exclusive EREXX DAMPER in January 2020

Launched EREXX Light Electric Tilt in April 2020

Launched EREXX Dampers for WEPEDin September 2020

Launched Dual Tron Storm Exclusive EREXX Damper in November 2020

January, 2121 Carbo Wolf Warrior and other Carbo electric kickboard EREXX damper in progress

January 2121, Development of EREXX DAMPER other than Zero11X in progress

Completion of development of EREXX damper, carbo electric kickboard, including Carbo wolf warrior in March 2121


Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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