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  • Color :  Titan Gray + BLACK + RED
  • Turning Radius: Left 45 degree, right 45 degree angled/ A Structure in which the hydraulic pressure is gradually released between 26 degrees to 45 degrees from the left and right. 
  • Weight : 480g
  • (international Patent Registered)


  • Fits below model
  •      DUALTRON 3 
  •      DUALTRON Compact 
  •      DUALTRON Thunder



When the front wheel goes over bumps or loses grip, the rotation of the motor creates a gyroscope effect, causing the handle to vibrate from side to side.

The damper helps with reliable handling in these situations.

When riding at high speed, it provides stable control even when the handle turns momentarily by stepping on a pothole or irregularities.


The EREXX damper is an all-in-one hydraulic rotary damper for electric kickboards manufactured in Korea.

Among the parts of the EREXX damper, only fastening bolts is used by the commercially available parts.

Internal and external parts and machining parts are made and assembled in KOREA. 

EREXX damper is designed, produced and manufactured exclusively for electric kickboards, not bike.

The turning radius is 40 degree to the left and 40 degree to the right, and the hydraulic pressure gradually decreases between 26 degrees to 40 degrees from the left and right.

When riding or turning indoors rather than on the road, the electric kickboard can be handled easily if the left and right pressure gradually releases.

The EREXX damper, the first patent filed for an electric kickboard, provides safe handling during high-speed riding with 10-step hydraulic control.

Strong resistant to discoloration and scratching by applying the hard anodizing method, one of aluminum special processing technology that keeps the surface solid in titanium gray color.

Weight 0,48 kg



EREXX KOREA Opened Mini Motors Southeastern Distributor Seoul Gangdong Branch in November 2015 Launched interlocking ABS brake for electric kickboards in February 2016 Launched DUALTRON handle height extension bracket in July 2016 Started development of DAMPER for electric kickboards in August 2016 Participated in 2016 Las Vegas, USA Interbike Expo with electric kickboard dual Tron interlocking ABS brake in September 2016 Opened Mini Motors Gangnam Seocho Branch in February 2017 Single hydraulic ABS brake development in February 2017 First 6P caliper + interlocked hydraulic ABS brake set released on electric kickboard in April 2017 Opened Mini Motors Ansan, Gyeonggi-do branch in August 2017 2017 UK SEVEN iDP Full-Face Helmet and Urban Helmet exclusively distribution in August 2017 Completed reworking of hydraulic damper EREXX DAMPER sample for electric kickboard in January 2018 Patent application for Electric Kickboard Damper by Korea Intellectual Property Office in February 2018 Launched EREXX DAMPER FOR HYDAMPER FOR ELECTRIC KICKBOARD in March 2018. Launched Interlinked hydraulic ABS brake for dual-tron Thunder in June 2018. EREXX Power Bank PL has Insurance and launched LG Genuine Battery Cell in August 2018 2018 UK Seven iDP Full Face Helmet andUrban Helmet warehousing in June 2018 Opened Mini Motors Incheon BupyeongBranch in December 2018 Launched EREXX Handle Riser in February 2019 2019 UK SEVEN iDP Full Face Helmet and Urban Helmet warehousing in May 2019 Registered Design of footrests for electric kickboards by the Korea Intellectual Property Office in June 2019 Launched EREXX DAMPER exclusively for currus in June 2019 Launched DUALTRON X-only linked hydraulic ABS brake in June 2019 Launched NEW EREXX DAMPER in September 2019 Launched EREXX enhanced locking system exclusively for DUALTRON in September 2019 Launched DUALTRON X exclusive EREXX DAMPER in January 2020 Launched EREXX Light Electric Tilt in April 2020 Launched EREXX Dampers for WEPEDin September 2020 Launched Dual Tron Storm Exclusive EREXX Damper in November 2020 January, 2121 Carbo Wolf Warrior and other Carbo electric kickboard EREXX damper in progress January 2121, Development of EREXX DAMPER other than Zero11X in progress Completion of development of EREXX damper, carbo electric kickboard, including Carbo wolf warrior in March 2121 EREXX _ KOREA Gangdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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