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eBikescooters is proud to still present the MAXFIND brand. We were in love with their innovative hub motor technology when we first visit their factory back in 2015. And we still shock us with new product line.

June 2019, MAXFIND successfully launched the fifth generation hub motor, with the highest conversion efficiency, highest speed, and the strongest climbing power.

Founded by engineers and designers in 2015, MAXFIND wants people to use a new generation of better electric skateboards without compromising. Hub motor skateboards are safer and more secure than belt motor skateboards- efficient, easier to maintain, more concise and fun. Today, MAXFIND is the pioneer and leader in hub motor skateboarding.

It has launched a total of 5 series of MAX A, MAX C, MAX 2, MAX 4, and FF series to meet the needs of consumers around the world. As of June 2019, MAXFIND has successfully entered more than 45 countries overseas, covering more than 500 cities

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