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Maxfind Max2 1000W x2 Dual Motor Electric Skateboard 36 km/h Wireless Remote Controller

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Maxfind Max2 1000W x2 Dual Motor Electric Skateboard 23MPH

Wireless Remote Controller

  • Battery Range: Up to 17 miles (28 km)
  • Max Speed: 24 mph (38 km/h).
  • Battery Range: Up to 17 miles (28 km)
  • Charge Time: 120 min
  • Battery: LG 4.4AH lithium-Ion battery, custom BMS
  • Weight: 12-13 lbs (5.5-6.2kg)
  • Max load: 250lbs (110 kg)
  • Drive System: In-Wheel Direct Drive Technology (Dual rear wheel drive)
  • Brakes: Electronic Regenerative Braking
  • Motor: 500W*2



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 Maxfind Max2 1000W x2 Dual Motor Electric Skateboard 23MPH Wireless Remote Controller

In details:

  • Glass fiber & PP composite, only 6.5KG/14.3lbs: It has a strong quality, lighter and easier to lift with one hand. You will have an easy experience.
  • Unibody with built-in electric components : Breaking through the traditional skateboarding is a very suitable travel tool.
  • Max Speed & Battery Type: 36km/h(22.4mile/h) & 4.4Ah 36V 158.4WH It has a strong power, and will make you have a speed experience, feel the thrill of the limit. And can be fully charged within two hours.
  • Powerful 1000W*2 in-wheel dual-driven motors: Original imported battery, and guaranteed battery life.
  • Wheel Material: PU In order to make the skateboard more stable at the extreme speed, we used a hard PU
  • IP65 dust-water-proof design & 35% incline rate: It is suitable for all kinds of flat roads, detours, water channels and ramps.
  • Battery Charge Time & Cycle charging: 120 minutes & 800 times​
  • Max loading: 120KG/265lb

Free Shipping from USA & Germany to USA & Europe

USA- 10-25 days

Europe- 7-15 days

Energetic Power Strong Battery

The same type of battery is used for Tesla, using a nickel plate connection + integral mounting bracket. The use of skateboard batteries is very safe and stable. The BMS intelligent power management system cooperates with the counter-bias brake charging technology of the main control board to convert the kinetic energy of the brake into electrical energy and store it in the battery. After increasing the number of batteries to 20, the power life will stand out among the peers, running 28km at a time.

Excellent Performance Strong Power

The diameter of the direct-drive motor is increased to 90mm, and the imported magnetic steel sheet and pure copper coil are used for more than 1000w. The movement efficiency and torque are improved by more than 35% under the optimization of the new winding process. In order to improve the heat dissipation performance of the air convection cooling system as a whole, the engine is designed as a honeycomb (radial) heat dissipation aluminum sheet to increase the heat dissipation area and improve the heat dissipation effect.

Diamond Cutting

A tribute to Cadillac, inspired by its diamond-cut design, the diamond-cut design can be seen from the side, the tail or the back. In order to create such a light and delicate body texture and edge, the MAX2 uses a high-strength synthetic composite material, the design elements of the 31inch fuselage are retained to the maximum extent while effectively reducing weight.

FOC Dual Mode: Sine wave processor

The savvy brain of MAX2 comes from a deeply developed dual-mode drive permanent-magnet synchronous 32-bit microprocessor core. Using the FOC sine wave drive architecture ESC and power system, the motor control transition is smoother, and the overall efficiency of the motor ESC is increased by 30%. The (EBS) kinetic energy recovery function, through the motor power storage and reuse, increases the skateboard cruising range flexible electromagnetic brake function (EBS), comes with Hall error correction and repair function, and achieves the same comfort and safety as the car ABS brake.


The main board and battery are completely installed into the integrated diamond board, and the motor is completely enclosed in the rear wheel. This design provides up to IP65 dust and water protection for the entire vehicle.

Wireless Remote Controller

The remote control is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip. A new generation of enhanced wireless technology, support 2.4/5.8GHz FM dual-band, communication without blind spots. Switch between speed and direction for more skateboarding fun. Exclusively develops cruise control and enjoys the black technology of the Cadillac sports car.

Professional Truck

Designed in collaboration with Spanish designers, the AISIMg5 material for automotive trains is molded in a high-pressure casting mold to increase the compactness of the product and the sand hole ratio is less than 0.5%. The impact resistance of the product is at least 3 times that of the ordinary bracket. The special black yarn spraying process of scratch-resistant, with a deep black, interpretation of the noble and low-key noble quality.

New Generation of Rubber Anti-slip Sandpaper

We have experienced hundreds of material formula trials, overcoming the technical difficulty far beyond the past, exiting a non-slip mat that is different from traditional emery and using PVC and PEA synthetic materials, making anti-skid lines through the embossing roller process, and then hitting Color design production. Under the anti-slip effect, it can prevent scratches and scratches. Behind every ingenuity is a technological breakthrough that is unique.


Weight 5 kg
Model Number



Glass Fiber & PP composite

Board Category


Applicable People



Electric Skateboard





Brand Name




Product Weight


Max Speed


Max Loading Weight


Incline Rate


Battery Type

4.4Ah 36V 158.4WH

Battery Capacity


Battery Weight


Charge Time

120 minutes

Cycle Charging

800 times

Motor Type

In-wheel BLDC

Motor Max Power


Wheel Material


Wheel Size


Wheel Hardness


Remote Type


Remote Capacity


Remote Battery Types


Remote Charge Time

30 minutes

Charge Input

100~240V AC

Charge Output

DC 36V 2A



eBikescooters is proud to still present the MAXFIND brand. We were in love with their innovative hub motor technology when we first visit their factory back in 2015. And we still shock us with new product line. June 2019, MAXFIND successfully launched the fifth generation hub motor, with the highest conversion efficiency, highest speed, and the strongest climbing power. Founded by engineers and designers in 2015, MAXFIND wants people to use a new generation of better electric skateboards without compromising. Hub motor skateboards are safer and more secure than belt motor skateboards- efficient, easier to maintain, more concise and fun. Today, MAXFIND is the pioneer and leader in hub motor skateboarding. It has launched a total of 5 series of MAX A, MAX C, MAX 2, MAX 4, and FF series to meet the needs of consumers around the world. As of June 2019, MAXFIND has successfully entered more than 45 countries overseas, covering more than 500 cities
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