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11″ inch Tubeless Tires Kaabo Wolf Warrior II

11 inch Original Tire for Electric Scooter Wolf Warrior II 

  • 10 inches Tubeless 255*90 mm(90/65-6.5)
  • Outer diameter: 10 inches/255mm
  • Inner diameter: 6.5 inches/165mm
  • Width: 90mm, weight: City road/off road) 1080g/1040g
  • City road/off road) Max load: 150kg at 350kPa (50 psi)
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11 inch Off-Road & Road/Street Tires for Electric Scooter Wolf Warrior II


Please notice The Kaabo wolf Warrior II is standard fitted with these tubeless tires, They are actually 10 inches model, but we call them 11 inches model, because these tires are incompatible with all of our other 10-inches-scooters. 

Good for Wolf Warrior II,  Dualtron Ultra , Zero 11X/Speedual Plus etc.

The city road tire performs well on urban roads, and it has lower tyre noise, so it’s quietest.  The performance of off-road tyre is the opposite, and semi off-road tire performs between them.

But comparing with 10*2 or 10*2.5 model, all of them would exhaust more power because of wider surface. * These tires and inner tubes are fit for Wolf Warrior II, Dualtron Ultra , Zero 11X/Speedual Plus etc.

These tires are fit for many other 11-inches-scooters, please check yours scooter original tires before order, if the inner diameter is 165mm, and the other parameters are similar, such as 100/65-6.5 they should be useable universal.

But please note, due to some scooters  narrow fenders or narrow swing arms, there is not enough space to accommodate such a wider tire, although the size of your scooter’s hub is fit for the tire.

  • 11 inch Tubeless Tire for Electric Scooter Wolf Warrior II
  • 10 inches/255*90 mm(90/65-6.5
  • Outer diameter: 10 inches/255mm
  • Inner diameter: 6.5 inches/165mm
  • Width: 90mm, weight: 1080g/1040g 
  • City road/off road) Max load: 150kg at 350kPa (50 psi)


wolf warrior street type tires





Weight 1,08 kg
Dimensions 25,6 × 25,6 × 8 cm


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The history of modern electric scooters began after 2012, and e-scooters are divided into two types: daily mobility and off-road evolution. Kaabo Electric Scooter started in 2013 and is an early pioneer of daily scooters and a leader of off-road players. At the beginning of its establishment, Zhejiang Kaabo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was based on the development and production of electric scooters, electric unicycles, and electric balance bikes. After several years of innovation and experimentation, now "Qibu" brand, the English "KAABO" has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America and Africa. As the pioneer in new intelligent transportation, Kaabo’s secret for success is continuous innovation. Kaabo has been constantly convening excellent developers from all over the world and constantly introducing iterative products. It currently has patented technologies in more than 24 countries. In particular, its Mantis series realizes the state of electric scooters up to 60 kilometers per hour, endurance up to 80 kilometers, and power up to 1,000 watts, which pushes the riding status of electric scooters to a new height. Kaabo has established the industry benchmark established, leading the industry's research and development direction. Entering 2020, Kaabo are moving forward with a brand-new attitude. In the face of the global market, we have innovated the distribution model. We hope to bring high-quality products to our partners, and at the same time, we can assist them in marketing & sales. Kaabo truly achieve the coordination and efficient development of factory brands and distribution partners. We hope Kaabo will have a bright and exciting future!

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