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60V 21Ah LG MJ1 Battery With Improved BMS For Kaabo Mantis

Newest 21Ah costom made for Mantis PRO with Bluetooth configurable BMS 

  • Monitor battery state 
  • Set cut off charge voltage as example 80-90% 
  • Set under voltage cut-off to not over dischage
  • Real high accuracy balancing of each cell at each charge
  • Length: 467mm
  • Width: 124mm
  • High: 57mm
  • Weight: 5.7 kg

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This is the NEW Improved 60V 21Ah battery for Kaabo Mantis.

This Kaabo mantis replacement battery is custom made, as out technicians at our battery repair lab have experience many Mantis battery fail at BMS level, weak balancing make cells allow single cells to go at under voltage state.  In this case we can charge cells individually when closely monitor the battery. In some case if the internal resistance is more than safe to recharge, we need to change the cells. This is a costly affair for our customers. That’s why we innovated this battery pack that is special made to fit perfect in the Mantis deck. 

Yes 24.5 would be perfect, but we prioriteres the health of the battery versus the power in Ah. We have selected one of the most reliable BMS on the market, and with Bluetooth so it always possible to follow the battery state and balancing, also possible to set the under voltage protection and much more. The new BMS is much bigger so we need to remove one serie of the cells. So the battery is now best quality cells LG MJ1 ( we do also produce with Samsung 35E on request) -16S6P 21Ah Continuously discharge 50A BMS discharge protection current is 80A 

BMS build into the battery pack Kaabo mantis 21.5 improved BMS

BMB Bluetooth dongle  connect the battery to your app on your smartphoneBMS Bluetooth dongle

The New BMS Summary Information

  • Chemistry: Li-ion, LiFePO4
  • Configuration: 16S6P
  • Voltage Cut-off  configurable by the app 
  • Discharge Current: 50A(On-board Mosfets)
  • Charge & Discharge from the same port (can be from the different ports)
  • Isolated Communication Protocols: CANBus, MOSBus(RS485, RS232, UART)
  • Passive Balancing: Yes
  • Current Sensor: External
  • Temp. Protections: Under & Over Temp. Pretections
  • NTC: 16S @ 5pcs 
  • Pre-charge & Pre-discharge: Yes
  • Support Regenerative Power: Yes
  • LCD Display for SOC: Yes (Optional)
  • Bluetooth APP: Yes 
  • E-Switch/Ignition: Yes
  • Parameters Programmable: Voltages threshold, balancing threshold, temp. Threshold…
  • Support Activate Cooling & Heating:No
  • Software APP: Windows
  • Bluetooth & WiFi APP: ISO & ANDROID


Applications and Features

  • Support advanced algorithms SOC (state of charge) estimation
  • Support communication with charger if charger need communication command
  • Support high accurate voltage & current detection, V≤15mV, C≤1%
  • Support programmable parameters thru BesTech software utilities (Windows)
  • Support auto-detection on charger plugging in, intelligently wake-up during  sleeping/stand-by
  • Support on-site firmware updating (MUST CUT LOAD DURING UPDATING)


we also got all the original Kaabo variations below so you can get the one for your scooter and demand. Se more HERE

  1. 60V 24.5AH LG
    Battery dual
  2. 60V 17.5AH FST
    Battery dual
  3. 60V 17.5AH FST
    Battery single
  4. 60V 17.5AH LG
Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 46,8 × 12,4 × 5,7 cm
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The history of modern electric scooters began after 2012, and e-scooters are divided into two types: daily mobility and off-road evolution. Kaabo Electric Scooter started in 2013 and is an early pioneer of daily scooters and a leader of off-road players. At the beginning of its establishment, Zhejiang Kaabo Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was based on the development and production of electric scooters, electric unicycles, and electric balance bikes. After several years of innovation and experimentation, now "Qibu" brand, the English "KAABO" has been exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, America and Africa. As the pioneer in new intelligent transportation, Kaabo’s secret for success is continuous innovation. Kaabo has been constantly convening excellent developers from all over the world and constantly introducing iterative products. It currently has patented technologies in more than 24 countries. In particular, its Mantis series realizes the state of electric scooters up to 60 kilometers per hour, endurance up to 80 kilometers, and power up to 1,000 watts, which pushes the riding status of electric scooters to a new height. Kaabo has established the industry benchmark established, leading the industry's research and development direction. Entering 2020, Kaabo are moving forward with a brand-new attitude. In the face of the global market, we have innovated the distribution model. We hope to bring high-quality products to our partners, and at the same time, we can assist them in marketing & sales. Kaabo truly achieve the coordination and efficient development of factory brands and distribution partners. We hope Kaabo will have a bright and exciting future!

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