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Fast Charger For 60V Battery 5A Special Output 66.4V – 67.2V

5A Kingspan Quality 60V battery pack charger.
With trimmed down to cut-off at 66.4V for better battery maintenance
Output 100% 67.2 90% 66.4v, 80% 64.8v with selection knob
  1.  Overcharge protection.
  2. Extend battery life cycle dramatically 
  3. Shut off automatically when battery is full charging.
  4. Prevent the explosion of battery from overcharging.
  5. Greatly improve the safety of charging process
  • No risk of fire
  • Most reliable treatment for your battery as it will
  • Newer overcharger your expensive battery.
Charge Voltage and Current  66.4V 5A Charge Method  CC/CV
 Size 180x90x60mm       Weight 1.2 KG

We offer this charger for all type of scooter and e-bikes


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Custom made charger for Kaabo Wolf Warrior and Mantis PRO & Minimotors with 60V battery packs
This is an Kingspan Quality 60V battery pack charger.
With trimmed down to max 66.4V for better battery life ( more charge cycles)
Output 66.4V – 67.2V 5A with 80% – 100% selection knob (100% 67.2v, 90% 66.4v, 80% 64.8v
Kingspan is know for the outstanding quality. This charger will last forever and treat your expensive battery in the best way for long term battery lifespan. Is used of many different scooter brand as ex. Minimotors

This model cut charging at 66.4V when the selector is at 100% That’s a charge cut-off  4.15V per cell. Opposed to the regular full capacity 67.2 charger with an cut off at 67.2V at the 60V battery pack. This method is similar to what EV hybrid cars do with their Li-ion batteries to ensure longer charging cycles and longer life. And this only at the expense, of a small range reduction.

Most Li-ion are charged to 4.20 V / cell, but each reduction in peak charge voltage of 0.10 V / cell is said to double the life of the cycle. For example, a lithium-ion cell charged to 4.20 V / cell typically delivers 300–500 cycles. If only 4.10V cut-off for each cell, the service life can be extended to 600-1000 cycles; 4.0V / cell should deliver 1,200-2,000 and 3.90V / cell should deliver 2,400–4,000 cycles.

a typical 60V battery for electric scooters consists of traditional lithium-ion with nominal cell voltage of 3.60V 16 cells in series as well as a certain number of these series in parallel to provide enough Ah Kaabo Mantis is for example is 16S7P.

12 rows of cells with fully charged batteries with an traditional charger provide 16 x 4.2V = 67.2V

Product name
60V 5A Battery Pack Electric Scooter Charger
Item NO.
Charger type
 Li-ion charger
Input voltage
110V or 220V 
Max Power
Control mode
Intelligent independent digital control chip
Customize charging way
Yes. (Pre-charging, automatically shut off, over charging protection etc)
2 years
Aluminum 210*100*70mm 1.5KG
Output 100% 67.2 90% 66.4v, 80% 64.8v -5A

Technology Features for CNC (Computer Numerical Control)

1. Overcharge protection. Shut off automatically when battery is full charging. Prevent the explosion of battery from overcharging. Greatly improve the safety of charging process
2. Custom- made charging way and speed, like Pre-Charge and Fitted Mass charging. Custom- made a best charging way for your battery. Please check the below pictures of charging curve for your reference.
Weight 1,2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 25 × 15 cm



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