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ORANGE SEAL Endurance – Tubeless sealant 237 ml

Item type Tubeless sealant
Item name Endurance – Tubeless sealant
Description With injection system
Size 237 ml

EAN: 810026608117

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For those seeking extended intervals between latex fluid changes, ORANGE SEAL Endurance Tubeless Tire Sealant is the ideal solution. This liquid has undergone rigorous testing and has been proven to last up to three times longer than other latex-based protections. Engineered to withstand various temperatures and altitudes, it has been specifically formulated to seal holes up to 6 millimeters in diameter effectively.

ORANGE SEAL Endurance Tubeless Tire Sealant is compatible with most tire systems and is environmentally friendly, ensuring excellent puncture protection without compromising your conscience. Embracing tubeless riding offers several advantages, including reduced weight and the ability to ride at lower tire pressures, thanks to the absence of inner tubes. Additionally, the frequency of punctures is typically reduced, as the latex liquid can seal most tears in the tire.

In the rare event of a large tear that the latex liquid cannot seal, inserting a tube into the tire allows for a hassle-free journey home. With ORANGE SEAL Endurance Tubeless Tire Sealant, you can enjoy peace of mind and uninterrupted rides, knowing you’re well-equipped for any potential punctures.



To ride with such prupose, quality is key.

We desire the best products possible for our needs.

Optimal tire performance and durability is essential to a great ride. Losing tire pressure, via a leak or flat, is the fastest way to degrade performance or even stop you in your tracks.

We longed for a product to combat this.

So, we developed it. That's how important the perfect ride is to us. Not every ride will work out perfct but we have engineered a product to help us get pretty dang close!  

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