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VSETT 11+ ZERO 11X 90/65-6.5 Semi Off Road Tire

  • VSETT 11+ 
  • ZERO 11X 
  • Dualtron Thunder and Kaabo Wolf serie
  • Outer diameter: 275mm
  • Inner diameter: 165mm
  • Weight: 1138g
  • Width: 85mm
  • Valve degree: 90°

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11 inch, 90/65-6.5 Hybrid is a mix between road and off-road  (see image below)

The off-road tire is performing more than well on off-road terrain, but a bit more rough and noisy than city road tire, the city road tire is very good on urban street, and the semi off-road tire is a neutral hybrid type.

  • Outer diameter: 275mm
  • Inner diameter: 165mm
  • Weight: 1138g
  • Width: 85mm
  • Valve degree: 90°

This tire is also approved as tubeless and can be used as tubeless tire alone.

  • VSETT 11+ and ZERO 11X, you would use it with inner tube.
  • Dualtron Thunder and Kaabo Wolf serie you just need use at tubeless setup

You could aslo use the 90/65-6.5, but this tire got 10mm more width for extra grip. But make sure your scooter have room enough.

For references:

  • 90/65-6.5 diameter 275mm width 85mm
  • 100/65-6.5 diameter 265mm width 95mm

CST 90-65-6.5-Thickened-Inner-Tube-2
Weight 0,97 kg
Dimensions 23,4 × 23,4 × 9,6 cm




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