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Kaabo Original Charger 72V Safety Improved For King GT PRO

  • This charger is for wolf king and the new Wolf King GT PRO 72V
  • NEW! fail-safe surge protection technology 
  • Charger: 84v 1.5A  max 126W
  • AC: 110V/220V
  • Weight : 481 gram
  • Dimension  17×7.5×3.8

92$171$ incl. VAT

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 The new safety improved charger ( fail-safe surge protection technology) for 72V Wolf Warrior 84V 1.5A. It’s gonna replace your standard charger shipped with Kaabo scooters.

When use this charger on the Kaabo Wolf King and King GT Models with 35Ah battery you would fully charge the battery in below range:

  • 1.pcs 1.5A standard charger 19 hr
  • 2.pcs 1.5A standard charger: 9.5 hr
  • 1.pcs 1.5A standard and 1.pcs 5A fast charger: 4.5 hr

Please note:  Some Kaabo King GT is shipped with 5A and some others with 6.3amp fuses per port. We do always recommend to charge battery with 2.pcs Standard Charger to heat battery cells as little as possible to increase the total cycles you got out of your expensive battery . And if need faster, replace one of the standard with and 5A Fast Charger. Get it HERE (Open link in a new tab)

The charger function:

The first stage is constant current charging, and the LED indicator will turn red and charge the scooter to 90%  voltage, then switch to the second stage of constant voltage charging, and the current will slowly decrease. When the charging current reaches the turn-on current, the LED indicator will turn to green. At this time, the battery has been fully charged to 90%-95%, and the battery has a small current and continues to charge until it is fully charged.

So please from times to times let the charger been plugged in after it lid green. This to balance the battery pack perfectly.

Please notice we ship some with Kaabo logo and without logo. They are purchased in different batches in different periods, but they are all the same-.

If you have a King GT PRO and suspect that your scooter is among one of the risk group, you can upgrade your scooter battery pack output line to controller yourself. Two fuses have to be inserted on each positive supply cable for controllers and the new chargers are used. Get the complete set HERE

If you’ve experienced any of the following symptoms at your King GT, you should immediately discontinue use of the scooter, ensure it is in a safe location (preferably outdoors and away from flammable items), and contact us or your Kaabo dealer immediately .
  • Scooter does not hold charge
  • Scooter battery makes thudding, clicking or popping sounds when charging
  • Scooter turning on/off unexpectedly
  • Scooter shutting down at 50% charge
  • Scooter does not power on

kaabo-wolf-king-72V-1.5A charger

Weight 0,66 kg
Dimensions 6 × 13 × 5,5 cm



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